Glorious Day

by Curtis Clark



Written and inspired by recent events around the world. With rumors of wars, airplane crashes, government furloughs, and the US Congress in a stalemate, it may seem that the world is falling apart.

The writer believes that there will come a day, when all these negative events will cease, and there will be nothing but peace. The day that happens, will be a glorious day!


I've been struggling
For quite a while
I've had some troubles
But I've always kept a smile
Money been low
It's hard to hold on
Economy knocking me down
Seems like no ones around

It just seems like
No one cares
Every man for himself
That system doesn't seem fair
Poor is born poor
Rich are born rich
Half the government wants to help
The other half will leave you in a ditch
It's a cold cold world
And it's getting colder every day

I watch the news
Our country is so polarized
Blood is running down our streets
Hate is spreading with quick feet
We can't seem to see the good in anyone
Always watching our backs
Looking for that next attack

I long for the day
When peace rules the earth
Where the rumors of wars will cease
And the last will walk first
There will be no poor
There will be no rich
There will only be a government of one
No more will he be dismissed
That will be a glorious day!!!!


released July 14, 2013
Written and Produced by Curtis L Clark



all rights reserved


HOMEMADESOUL Virginia Beach, Virginia

Curtis Clark is constantly creating and sharing new music. His music is soulful, original, inspiring, uplifting, and timeless.

Come, listen, and feel his story.

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