Inspired By A True Story Vol. 1

by Homemadesoul



The first installment in an ongoing quest to tell true stories of everyday life, as they are experienced, seen, and felt.

Come, listen, and feel his story.


released January 16, 2012

Produced by: Homemadesoul
All Songs Written By: Curtis L. Clark Jr., except Track 4; co-written by Joe Pizzolato

Album Photo Credit: Beverly De Jesus

Keepin It Homemade Ent.
Homemadesoul Music Publishing/BMI



all rights reserved


HOMEMADESOUL Virginia Beach, Virginia

Curtis Clark is constantly creating and sharing new music. His music is soulful, original, inspiring, uplifting, and timeless.

Come, listen, and feel his story.

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Track Name: With My Lady
We talk
We chill
We have a little fun
We laugh
We smile
We lay out in the sun
We go
For walks
And talk about the future
We hold
Each other
Your body I get used to

There's nothing that I don't wanna do with you
Your company is like a dream come true
Your presence is requested
And I just gotta have ya
All I wanna do is chill with you

With my bady
All I wanna do is chill
With my baby
All I wanna do is chill

Let's go bowling
Girl you know I'm gonna win
Or lets go skating
Our face blowing in the wind
Let's just have a picnic in the park oneday
Get nasty on the beach all night we'll play

We can eat out every night
Red Lobsters or Chilis
Or I can take you out
To a concert or a movie
Whatever we do
I wanna be with you
Our time spent together overtime something new

Whatever we do I wanna be with you
I wanna be with you
My lady, lady, oh
Track Name: Runaway
Here I am
This is me
What you get
Is what you see
Nothing extra
No frillz
I work hard
I pay the bills

Don’t got a fortune
Don’t need the fame
I could remain
All my faith
In one man
I’m stress free
He handles everything

Sometime I cant wait to get
Away from this ole crazy world
I wanna runaway
I wanna runaway
Sometimes I just feel like everything
Is chasing after me
So I just runaway
I just runaway

So confused
Only sometimes
Supposed to be, a simple life
Complications, tribulations,
Got good intentions
But its revelations

The good book
Says it’s the end of times
No other choice
But to handle mine
Stay on my knees
No begging please
Just waiting waiting for
When he comes for me
Track Name: My Heart
She had my heart on a lovely September day
She had my heart, but we've gone our separate ways
See I know there's this feeling of emptiness inside
See I know, because I've written 100 love lullabys

She had my heart wrapped in her little hands
Where did she go, with my heart, I don't understand
See I knew that this love was too good to be true
How could I fall in love with you

How could I ever fall in love with you
Track Name: Heartbreak Hotel
Verse 1
It was a cold December day,
When I first laid eyes on you
The air was filled with tension
As it moved around the room.

I could feel my fire burning
But my heart wanted to cry
As you walked back out the door
I kept asking myself why

Why do I fall for this feeling
I know my heart well
It's constantly got me
Staying in heartbreak hotel

Verse 2
Now I know I can't be with you
Emotions are running high
But I can't fake of this feeling
Of attraction in my eyes

I'll just stay to myself
Try to pull it together
Cause I know what comin round the corner
Some more stormy weather


I can't fight this feeling
I'm not gonna try
Cause bein alone
Can't be so wrong
Just can't help but to ask myself whyyyyyyy
Track Name: Get This
Verse 1
We barely made it to the house,
Since the last time it's been a drought,
This lovin has been on my mind,
I miss you

Why does it take so long,
Plenty nights of just sleeping alone,
Toss and turn waiting by the phone,
I miss you

It's crazy cuz I just can't see,
How your loving has affected me
All I know is that I feel so free
When I'm with you

Don't you know that I got that kind of lovin on my mind
Can you get this
Can you get this

Verse 2
Everything has it's time
Even though you are on my mind
But being lonely should be a crime
I miss you

The fire still burns within
While being with you may be a sin
With these feelings I don't know where to begin
I miss you

Crazy thoughts will forever come
Until I can just take you home
Until that day actually comes
I'll be missing you
Track Name: Your Love
Verse 1
I lay awake at night
I look at you and me
I thank the Lord for
Our little family
I toss and turn and
Think about all our troubles
There's no end in sight
As far as I can see

I get so quick to
Get up and walk away
Your love it holds me
Tells me that I should stay

I should just stay and fight
Fight for our good lives
Fight through all the troubles
Fight through all the strife

Your love
Keeps me going on
Your Love
Keeps me going on

Verse 2
I think about the time when you were gone
Your love it kept me strong
And those times when it feel like all hope was gone
Your love has kept me strong

I won't be quick to
Get up and walk away
Your love will hold us
Together we shall stay

We're gonna stay and fight
Fight for our good lives
Fight through all the troubles
Fight through all the strife
Track Name: Let's Stay Together
Here we are
Holding hands
Standing tall
Woman, man
You've walked the aisle
But the journey was long just to get here

We laughed and played
Cried and smiled
Fought our way
Through ups and downs
But there is nothing
That can hold us down

Let's stay together
Just me and you
It's the best we do

Let's stay together
We vow, to stay, this day

Everything is gonna be alright
We got each other to depend on
When days are long and there are lonely nights
We got each other to depend on

We'll raise our girl
We'll be a family
We'll show the world how true love be
So on this day I will make a claim
Forever it will be you and me